One More Reason To Be A Naturist

Today I came across the following article –Girls, Women, The Media and Body Image. It is one of the reasons that being a naturist is so different than those who grew up in a textile world.

Without clothing, it’s easy to see that all bodies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. There is no ‘air brush’ to make us look more fit, nor clothing to hide the imperfections.

We are who we are. Just like God made us.

Sure, some of us could exercise a bit more or eat a bit healthier. Not necessarily because it will make us look better. But so we can be heart healthy and know we are doing the best for our bodies.

It’s time the media begins portraying people the way they really are, and stop the madness. Our children don’t need the added burden of a poor body image. It’s tough enough just growing up!

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