Dare To Go Bare At A Clothing-Optional Resort!

beachviewClothing-optional resorts are pretty much the same as regular resorts. You will find water and land sports, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, and gyms. The only difference is that guests will not be wearing bathing suits on the beach.

Some of the resorts, such as Hidden Beach, Caliente Caribe, N Resort, and Club Orient, are clothes-free throughout. At these, all you need to pack is a towel & some flip-flops.. talk about packing light!

So why visit a clothing optional resort? People go for a number of reasons. Personally, I like them because 1) I don’t like swimsuits and 2) being naked is pretty much an “equalizer”. You are who you are.

I’ve visited quite a few clothing optional resorts over the years, in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean. Learn more about each of these below!

Photo of Orient Beach copyright Fantastic Voyages/Clothing-Optional Vacations

Couples Resorts of Jamaica

OR 007Couples is a chain of all-inclusive, couples-only resorts in Jamaica. There are 4 resorts, but only 3 of them have nude beaches.

Couples Negril has the smallest beach, but it is also the best beach of the three. It is located on Negril’s Bloody Bay, on the west side of Jamaica. The nude beach area is off to one side, and has a hot tub and bar. There are also quite a few lounge chairs so you can get an au naturel tan.

Couples Sans Souci is the most luxurious of the three resorts as far as accommodations, food and the like. The nude section is off to one side of the resort, and quite a walk from the rest of the resort. The nude section has it’s own nude Jacuzzi, nude pool, beach bar and grill, and a great view of the Caribbean sea.

Couples Tower Isle has a island just off shore from the resort where you can go nude. The island offers plunge pools and a bar. It is a bit too far to swim out (but it can be done). Instead, the resort supplies a small boat to ferry you back and forth.

Photo Courtesy of Couples Resorts

Hedonism II of Jamaica

hedo2-nudebch Hedonism II, an all-inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica, is for adults – both couples and singles. It is unlike any resort I’ve ever visited. Including Hedonism III, which closed a couple of years ago. You might have heard rumors about it, and some of the things you have heard might even be true. It’s definitely a place for the very open-minded.

Hedonism II has both nude and “prude” sections. Prude basically means you have to keep your clothes on, and nude mean you can’t wear anything but a towel. The nude section has a really long beach, a pool with swim-up bar, an enormous hot tub, and a grill. There is enough going on in the nude section that you could stay there the whole time, and never have to wear clothing. However, you’d miss out on the theme nights, the good restaurants, and the piano bar, so do bring some clothes if you visit.

Photo copyright Fantastic Voyages / Clothing-Optional Vacations

Hedonism II Book

Everything you ever wanted to know about Hedonism II resort, and more!

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II: A totally unauthorized, naughty but nice guide to Jamaica’s very adult resort
Christ Santelli, the author, has visited Hedonism II more times than most. She tells about everything: from rooms, to food, to nude areas. I agree with a great deal of what she writes, and recommend you read this book if you’re interested in learning more about Hedo II.

Desire Resort Cancun

Nude Beach at Desire CancunDesire is a couples-only, all-inclusive resort just south of Cancun. It has a really nice nude beach, with lounge chairs and day beds. In addition, it has a clothing-optional pool where you can play nude volleyball, and a rooftop Jacuzzi.

Desire is different than the Couples resorts of Jamaica, as it has a more “sexy” atmosphere like Hedonism II. It is not a traditional “clothing optional” or “nudist” resort, as some activities are a bit sexual oriented. For example, there are theme nights every evening, including Leather & Lingerie and sexy schoolgirl. While sexual conduct is not allowed in most public areas, you will probably encounter public displays of affection in the rooftop Jacuzzi.

Photo by Fantastic Voyages

Hidden Beach Resort

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hidden Beach ResortHidden Beach Resort is a clothes-free resort. This means you don’t have to wear clothing anywhere in the resort. (You do have to always sit on a towel, however!). It is a good choice if you’ve never been to a clothes-free resort, as it’s pretty laid back. No sexy theme nights and no pushy swinger-types.

This resort is a high-end hotel, especially as clothing optional resorts go. All the rooms are suites with ocean views. There is only one restaurant on the property, and you can wear clothing there if you like. Some people are just uncomfortable eating in the nude!

When you stay at this resort, you have privileges at the neighboring El Dorado resort. This gives you more dining & activity options, without costing any more money!

The downside of Hidden Beach is that the beach is on the rocky side, and there isn’t much to it. If you’re willing to spend most of your time at the swim-up bar in the pool, you should have a really good time!

Guide To Nude Beaches

World Guide to Nude BeachesLee Baxandall’s Guide to Nude Beaches is a true classic. I’ve owned this book for about 10 years, and have consulted it quite regularly. It gives information on nude beaches, resorts and clubs worldwide. While it is a bit outdated, it offers a lot of information on the clothing optional lifestyle, and details on the various options available. A good resource for anyone wishing to visit clothing-optional and/or nude places.

Punta Serena

Manzanillo, Mexico

Pool at Punta Serena ResortPunta Serena is a boutique property located high on a cliff overlooking the ocean. It has a clothing optional pool, hot tub, and beach. The beach is located near the bottom of the cliff, so plan on walking up & down a lot of stairs if you want to spend time at the beach!

This is a great resort if you want to just get away, enjoy some spa services, and relax. There aren’t any theme nights. In fact, there aren’t many activities at all! However, you can use the facilities at the nearby Blue Bay resort, where there are tennis courts, horseback riding, some water sports, and more restaurants. You get two getaways for the price of one!

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St. Martin / St. Maarten

Club Orient

Orient Beach, St. MartinClub Orient is a family resort, which is different than the majority of most clothing-optional hotels. If you have a problem being around children, then this is probably not a resort for you.

However, there are other hotels with access to Orient Beach, such as Esmeralda. You might want to try one of those if the family resort bothers you.

The best part of Club Orient is the beach. As long as you stay in front of the resort, you can sunbathe & swim nude. The water is really, really clear. I took bread out into the water, feeding it to the small fish that swam around me. Purely magical!

Photo of Orient Beach by Fantastic Voyages

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