Nude Recreation Week

It’s the beginning on National Nude Recreation Week, so if you haven’t tried the nudist lifestyle, it’s time to give it a try!

Held the 2nd week of each July, Nude Week is all about enjoying life without clothing. So get out there and skinny-dip in your backyard pool, visit a nude beach or club, or take a clothing-optional vacation. The sky’s the limit!

How are you going to celebrate Nude Week?

Entrance to Hedonism II

Hedonism II – New Promotional Video

I’m happy to say that I’ve visited Hedonism II resort in Jamaica a number of times over the past 20 years. I’ve gone through the good and the bad; happy times and bad times. I stayed at Hedo 2 right after the 9/11 tragedy in 2001, and the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. It’s an amazing resort, because people don’t go for the food, drink or accommodations. They go for the people – and the fun.

Now that Hedonism II has new owners, they’re stepping up the service, food and accommodations. And of course, the fun! If you haven’t been to Hedonism II in the past few years, or haven’t been at all, check out their new video:

All the basics are still intact, but the rooms have been redone, the food & bar menus have been upgraded… and the fun. Well, there’s just enough to keep you busy in more ways than one!

What are your thoughts? Ready to try Hedonism II???

One More Reason To Be A Naturist

Today I came across the following article –Girls, Women, The Media and Body Image. It is one of the reasons that being a naturist is so different than those who grew up in a textile world.

Without clothing, it’s easy to see that all bodies come in different shapes, sizes and colors. There is no ‘air brush’ to make us look more fit, nor clothing to hide the imperfections.

We are who we are. Just like God made us.

Sure, some of us could exercise a bit more or eat a bit healthier. Not necessarily because it will make us look better. But so we can be heart healthy and know we are doing the best for our bodies.

It’s time the media begins portraying people the way they really are, and stop the madness. Our children don’t need the added burden of a poor body image. It’s tough enough just growing up!

Time to get naked. It’s easy.

Time to get naked. It's easy..

More truer words have never been spoken! I agree with this author… just get naked!! You’ll feel so much better without the restriction of clothing. It is such a social equalizer, and the fresh air and warm sun feels wonderful on the skin.

Try it! You’ll never go back!


I’ve actually stayed at this resort a number of times over the years. The people are friendly, the grounds & buildings are clean, and it’s just an all-around good time!
I wasn’t aware of the history behind this resort, but I am glad that Aunt Pete and Uncle Jim allowed the “beatniks” to stay!

S.K. Nicholls


I have just come home from a very nice weekend getaway. The getaway was to Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa.  Aunt Pete and Uncle Jim Hadley sort of accidentally started the resort back in 1964.

I say accidentally, because they did not initially start out with a nudist resort in mind.  As my aunt told me, my uncle had been working for the Miami Herald as a photographer and they had been living on a houseboat in the bay.  He wanted land and a good deal came along.  They bought three hundred acres of orange grove on a lake with a trailer park established on it.

As the story goes, they first started making extra money selling oranges at a roadside stand.  They also had tenants in some trailers on the lake.  These tenants, mostly Bohemian beatniks, liked to run around nude.  They were all into the back to…

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