Hedonism II

Hedo 2 – The Ultimate Party Resort in Jamaica

Entrance to Hedonism IIHedonism II is known as the “Ultimate Party Resort” in Jamaica. It is a place where you can eat, drink, love, laugh, party and play around the clock. People come from around the world, mainly from the United States and European countries to stay and play at Hedo 2. There are more couples than singles, and three times as many single males than females. The atmosphere can be a bit risque, so it’s not for those who are easily offended.

Guests come to Hedonism II not for the food, rooms or service, as these are, at the most, average for an all-inclusive resort. The main attractions are the beaches, the piano bar, the nightly theme parties and the clothing-optional areas,. Some guests visit here up to 4 times each year!

So, what is Hedonism II, aka Hedo 2, all about? I’ll tell you, because I’ve stayed there many times!

Photo of Hedonism II entrance – copyright Fantastic Voyages

What is Hedonism II?

Hedonism II toga partyHedonism II is an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica for adults 18 years of age and older. It’s the place your parents warned you about, because just about anything is permitted. During spring break and the summer, you’ll encounter a lot of the younger crowd who want to party 24 hours a day. Other times, it’s a much older crowd – starting around 40 years old – who are looking to let loose for awhile.

Hedonism II is all about having a good time. You can do as much or as little as you wish. It’s about people-watching. It’s about enjoying the beach & ocean. It’s about theme nights and piano bars, about skinny-dipping and Scuba diving. Just about whatever you want in a vacation, you’ll find at Hedonism II in Jamaica.

In case you are wondering: There is not a Hedonism I. Hedonism II is where is all began. At one time there was a Hedonism III, but it has since closed. Hedonism II is the one and only, original, party resort in Jamaica.

Photo of Toga Party at Hedonism II – Copyright Fantastic Voyages

Where is Hedonism II?

Hedonism II is located in Negril, which is on the west side of Jamaica. To get there, you will fly into Montego Bay, which is on the north side of the island. From there, you will take a transfer bus to Negril.

If you’d rather fly into Negril, you can take a small plane, or “puddle jumper”. I’ve done this several times, and it is a great deal of fun! Plus, it is a lot faster. It takes about 15 minutes to fly, versus the hour or so on the transfer bus. TimAir is the company I recommend if you wish to fly into Negril.

What’s Included in the Vacation Price?

At Hedo 2, just about everything is included in your vacation. Yes, you’ll want to bring along a bit of extra money for souvenirs, spa treatments, and items of a personal nature. Other than that, the following items & activities are included:

  • Deluxe room accommodations
  • All meals, snacks, and unlimited premium brand beverages
  • Land & water sports, with instruction
  • Daily activities and games
  • Nightly entertainment & theme parties
  • All tips, hotel taxes and gratuities

Deluxe rooms at Hedonism II

Deluxe Room at Hedo 2There are 280 deluxe rooms, all air-conditioned with private bath and Jacuzzi shower. All rooms are alike; the difference is the view and location. Rooms have either 2 twin beds or 1 king-size bed; mirror on the ceiling, chest of drawers, closet with hangers & ironing board; safe; a loveseat, and coffee table.

The walls are not soundproofed. It’s easy to hear what is going on in the next room; plus, passer-bys can hear sounds from the outside.

Rooms can be booked on a shared basis. This means that a guest traveling alone automatically shares with someone of the same sex. A guaranteed single rate is also available.

Photo copyright Fantastic Voyages

Room Categories at Hedo II

Garden, Ocean, Main & Nude

  • Gardenview: These rooms are located on the main side of the resort, just a short walk away from the main dining room, main pool, and Pastafari restaurant. From your window, you will see a view of the grounds & gardens.
  • Oceanview: These rooms are the closest to the main beach. A nice way to start your day, looking out over the Caribbean Sea. It will take a bit longer to walk to the dining room and pool, but it’s quiet and a great place to hang out if you like being on your own.
  • Gardenview Nude: These rooms are on the nude side, located close to either the spa/fitness areas or the aviary. You may walk nude from your room to any of the facilities on the nude side
  • Oceanview Nude: Located directly on the nude beach. While they are great for short walks to the nude beach, the noise level can be quite high in the late evenings on the block closest to the pool & Jacuzzi
  • Gardenview Jacuzzi Terrace: These rooms are also located on the nude side, but between the Garden and Oceanview rooms. These sell out quickly, because they have their own personal Jacuzzis on the terrace.
  • Oceanview Jacuzzi Terrace: Like the Gardenview Jacuzzi Terrace rooms, these are located on the nude side and have a private Jacuzzi. They have a better location, as you can view the Caribbean Sea from your room.

Food & Drink at Hedonism II

Restaurants and Bar Service

Main dining room and bar area at Hedo 2It’s difficult to go hungry when you stay at Hedonism II. Food is available from 7:30 am until 2:00 am every day, and there are 3 restaurants, plus a pool bar/grill to choose from. Your dining options include:

  • The Main Dining Room / Terrace – Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style in the open air dining area. In addition, a midnight snack is available here from midnight until 2:00 am. The Terrace offers traditional foods, in addition to Jamaican specialties.
  • Martino’s is an Italian restaurant with really great food. Reservations are required, and while shorts are allowed, they must be tailored/cuffed. No swimsuits allowed! Be sure to eat here at least once during your stay!
  • Munasan is the Japanese restaurant, with food served Teppanyaki style. Reservations are also required for this restaurant, but the dress is less casual. Shorts and flip-flops, but no swimsuits!
  • Beach grills – There are 2 beach grills, one located on the main beach and one on the nude side. Both grills are open 11:30 am to 5:00 pm, and serve hamburgers, fries and a variety of other snacks during the day.

Hedonism II offers 5 bars, so it is difficult to go far with an empty glass! Bars offer top-shelf alcohol, along with Red Stripe beer. The bartenders tend to know all the popular mixed drinks. If you’re daring, allow them to whip up one of their Jamaican specialties.

The bars are located in the Terrace Dining Room, the Main Beach, the Nude Beach, the Disco, and the Piano Bar.

Photo by Hedonism II

Beach and Water Activities at Hedonism II

Main swimming pool at Hedo 2One of the main reasons to stay at a beach resort like Hedonism II is so that you can take advantage of the beach and the water sports. Hedo 2 is located on the end of Jamaica’s famous Seven Mile Beach, and the water is calm & clear. It’s a great place for sunning, swimming and snorkeling.

The beach is divided into two sections, one of which has a nude beach, Jacuzzi, pool and swim up bar. One the main side, there is a freshwater swimming pool and Jacuzzi, which is situated close to the main entertainment area. A waterslide winds down from over the top of the main pool to a plunge pool next to the disco.

But if you want to be a bit more active, there is much more to do in the water at Hedonism II:

  • Sunfish sailing
  • Water-skiing
  • Glass-bottom boat rides
  • Windsurfing school
  • Kayaks
  • Scuba diving – you must be certified (show your International C card); If you’re not certified, a resort scuba course is available for an additional charge.

Photo by Hedonism II

Land Activities & Sports at Hedonism II

If you get tired of being in the water, there is still a lot to keep you active and in shape at Hedonism II. Your choices include:

  • Badminton, shuffleboard, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, bicycles, squash and tennis. If you don’t know how to play, daily clinics with pros are available
  • Games room with cards and board games
  • A rock-climbing wall
  • The fitness center offers Icarian machines, Lifecycle and Lifestep equipment as well as an extensive assortment of free weights. Plus, aerobics class are available in the air-conditioned Aerobics center

Nightly Entertainment

If you’re not too tired to party the night away, Hedonism II offers nightly entertainment. Each evening in the Terrace Dining Room, the local house band performs from 8:30 pm until midnight. This band is joined by performers and floor shows. Most of the performers are local artists.

If you feel like dancing, check out the Club Hurricane Disco. The bar opens at 10:30 pm, and stays open until the last person leaves. It can get pretty loud and crowded in the disco, but it’s always a fun time.

If the disco is too much for you, try the Piano Bar. It’s not like any piano bar you’ve ever been to! You can select songs from the provided song books, or make requests. Be forewarned: The words might be changed to the songs, or you might be invited to perform a dance on top of the piano.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, you’ll find Karaoke in the piano bar instead of piano player. I’ve never been too fond of Karaoke, so I always skipped the Piano Bar on those nights.

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

Get the facts!

Naked Truth About Hedo 2 by Chris SantilliThe Naked Truth About Hedonism II: A totally unauthorized, naughty but nice guide to Jamaica’s very adult resort

This book gives all the details on what goes on at Hedonism II.  I don’t agree with everything the author writes, but for the most part, it’s true.  A great guide for someone who is considering a vacation at Hedo 2.  Also, a lot of fun to read after you return!

Theme Nights at Hedonism II

You may have heard that the theme nights at Hedonism II are not to be missed. I have to agree: you never know what you are going to see at one of these!

You do not have to participate in any or all of these theme nights. Quite a few people do; especially repeat guests. For some of them, you will not be gained admittance to the party without the proper dress.

Note: Theme nights are subject to change without notice. Ask your travel agent before you go, so you’ll have the correct attire for the parties

Hedonism II Trip Reports, Reviews and Photos

Learn more about Hedo 2 at these websites:

If you need more information on Hedonism II, or just wish to read trip reports by others who have visited the resort, check out these links.

Hedo II Review by justplainchad
A review by someone who has visited Hedonism II six times. It tells about the amenities and activities, and the nude & prude sides.

Jamaica Travel Forum
Reviews and great photos by a number of people

Reviews from Fodors
Trip reports by Fodor readers

Great photos of Hedonism II – everything from the lobby to the rooms to the beaches.

Spa Services at Hedonism II

After all the activity at Hedonism II, you might want to take a breather at the Blue Mahoe Spa. The services here are NOT included in your vacation package. However, they are well worth the additional price.

Some of the services offered at Blue Mahoe include:

  • Massages: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Energy and Sports massages
  • Stone Therapy
  • Facials
  • Waxing
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Hair Styling

To find out more about the Spa services, simply stop by the Blue Mahoe during your stay, and speak with a Spa Consultant.


You probably wouldn’t think of getting married at Hedonism II, but a lot of people actually do get married here! Hedo 2 offers a wide variety of wedding packages. The basic wedding package is free, although you do have to pay the government and administration fees. These are negligible, considering how much you’d have to pay to have wedding outside of the resort.

The basic wedding package includes: A wedding planner; Services of a minister or wedding officer; your choice of location; the marriage license; champagne; cake; music and flowers.

Other wedding packages are available for an additional charge, starting at $250.00. Talk to your travel agent or Hedonism II for more information.

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