National Nude Recreation Week

A Celebration of Skinny-Dipping!

Nude Recreation WeekHeld the 2nd full week of July in the United States, Nude Recreation Week, also known as National Nude Week, is the time to celebrate life without the limits of clothing.

Go naked, you ask? In public? With other people? Of course! We were all born without clothes; you’re naked under your clothes at this very instant; and now it’s time to celebrate living naturally!
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Nude Recreation Week – A Brief History

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Way back in the 1960s and 1970s, nude beaches were called “free beaches”. These were rumored to be the hang-outs of hippies and beatniks, who wore little or no clothing, and participated in all types of illicit activities. In reality, these beaches were visited by regular members of society – families, couples, singles and children – who enjoyed swimming and sunning sans swimsuits.

In 1974, the superintendent of the Cape Cod National Seashore decided to ban all nude sunbathing on Cape Cod’s beaches along the Atlantic Coast. He thought the nudity was creating a public nuisance because of the sheer number of people.

As a protest, Lee Baxandall – a local activist – formed a group called “Free the Free Beach Committee”. This committee organized a nude beach celebration, where thousands of folks turned out. As no one was cited for nudity, the event was pronounced a success.

Word got out across the country, and a group from the west coast contacted Baxandall about a joint effort. So in 1978, the first “Nude Weekend” was held in Cape Cod. As it was also a success, plans were made to continue Nude Weekend every year from then on. When Baxandall founded The Naturist Society in 1980, he used his numerous resources to promote Nude Weekend across the United States.

In 1992, Nude Weekend became Nude Recreation Week, and is now embraced by a number of nudist and naturist organizations. The main idea of Nude Recreation Week is to get the word out to the general public about naturism, and the clothing-optional opportunities across the United States.


Lee Baxandall’s World Guide to Nude Beaches & Resorts, Updated Edition

Lee Baxandall, author of the World Guide knew perhaps more about nude beaches than anyone else of his time. As founder of the Naturist Society and organizer of Nude Week, Baxandall shares his knowledge of the best places around the world to skinny-dip and enjoy the naturist lifestyle.

I purchased an earlier edition of this book back in the mid-1990s, and have used it as a reference guide ever since.  It offers information on nude beaches, hot springs, nudist clubs and resorts around the world.  It also provides information on the nudist/naturist lifestyle.  It has not been updated for a few years, so be sure to check your facts before heading out to the nude beach, resort or club of your choice.


How To Celebration Nude Recreation Week

If you are a first-timer to nude recreation, you probably need some tips on how to celebrate National Nude Week! You might be a bit shy at first, so here’s some things to try:

  1.  Hop into your own pool or Jacuzzi without your swimsuit
  2. Dance around your living room without clothing
  3. Barbecue in your back yard wearing only an apron & cooking mitts

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of it, here are more suggestions:

  1.  Go to a nude beach & try skinny-dipping. There are a number of legal, public clothing-optional beaches around the country. Haulover Beach in Florida; Black’s Beach in California, and Hippie Hollow in Texas are just a few.
  2. Visit a naturist club. These are what used to be known as “nudist colonies”. Many of these will be holding special events for Nude Recreation Week.
  3. Take a clothing-optional vacation. There are a number of vacations around the world with clothing-optional facilities. And just think… it will save on baggage fees, as you won’t have much to pack!

Just remember: If you are going to be outside, apply plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant!


Weird? Perhaps. Liberating? Definitely!

While the whole idea of being naked around other people – especially in public – may be daunting, you’ll actually find it to be quite a liberating experience! Just think:

  • You won’t have to decide which purse goes with your shoes
  • You won’t have to rinse the sand out of your swimsuit
  • You’ll get an all-over, natural tan – plus, benefit from the sun’s Vitamin D
  • You’ll really get to know person by who they are, and not how they look

Try it, at least once in your life. My motto? Life’s too short… Go skinny-dipping!

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Need More Information?

American Association for Nude Recreation

Large nudist / naturist organization which provides a wealth of information on beaches, resorts and vacations. With membership, you will receive a magazine, and discounts on admission to AANR-sponsored clubs & events

The Naturist Society

Membership organization that is open to all, regardless of marital status, race or sexual orientation. Founded by Lee Baxandall, The Naturist Society promotes social naturism, and is also is the originator of Nude Recreation Week.

Find Nudist Friends

A matchmaking service where those interested in the clothing-optional and nudist lifestyle can meet and form relationships.

International Naturist Federation

An international organization comprised of nudist clubs, resorts and organizations worldwide.



North American Guide to Nude Recreation: The Most Comprehensive Listing of Nude Recreation Resorts and Clubs

The North American Guide to Nude Recreation provides great information on the naturist/nudist lifestyle. In addition, it offers information on clubs and beaches across the country, including phone numbers and directions. A great book for anyone interested in the clothing-optional lifestyle.


How Are you Going To Celebrate National Nude Recreation Week?

Many people skinny-dipped when they were teenagers, but seem to become more modest as they age. Take time out for Nude Recreation Week in July to re-experience the au naturel lifestyle. Because life is too short to wear clothes all the time!

4 thoughts on “National Nude Recreation Week

  1. Very nice article about nakations which are gaining in popularity every day! What I like most about living nude is the wonderful like-minded people I meet; the acceptance and tolerance is amazing. We’re all about having fun and living naturally. There are many naturist/nudist clubs in the US with a large concentration in Central Florida.

    • Yes, it’s a lot different in the US than other countries. I have a friend that lives in Finland, and everyone there goes nude; especially in the saunas. Thanks for the visit and comment. Much appreciated!

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